Michael Kors


Michael Kors is a New York fashion label, which is discreet and luxoriös for terms. Since 1981, engaged the American designer. primarily with the design and manufacture of women’s fashion. the fashion designer Michael Kors created turn of the century the first time, fashion for men.
The combination of sporty youthful and sensual glamor one of the fascinations of this brand. The fashion and accessories exude sophistication and class and yet are suitable for everyday use. Whether shoes, watches, handbags, sunglasses, fragrances or fashion – Michael Kors sets in each segment high Maßstäbe.

asked Formal occurrence of you, and you do not want to do without fancy clothes with original designs yet? The style of this brand makes it possible to satisfy both requirements. Characteristic of the collections are simple, edgy acting sections, often a little strict and yet at the same figure-flattering. Here, however, the colors and patterns are varied, until very fancy and extravagant.

Michael, Ava, Selma, Hamilton or Miranda – The popular bag lines the American designer Michael Kors brand are known and loved worldwide.
Already in 1981, the designer Michael Kors founded his own label and celebrating with his collections have always been international successes. Timeless Chic, luxurious materials and a sense of understated glamor – that distinguishes the brand and the designer Michael Kors. Hardly any brand make it like this, to inspire both very young and mature women in some 95 countries alike. Not for nothing are among the most loyal followers of designer high-profile stars such as Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman, Anne Hathaway, Grace Coddington (creative director of Vogue US) or Angelina Jolie.AUSWAHL FOR MANY OCCASIONS

From this collection, there are clothes for many occasions, but always with a characteristic for this brand style:

Business: suits and dresses that are suitable for professional and business.
Leisure: sweater, polo shirts, shirts, pants, longsleeves, jackets dresses and more.
Festive Occasions: dresses, evening dresses, shirts and suits.

Michael Kors is known primarily for its handbags, which are loved by women around the world. The American success Designer excited but also with innovative fashion.

Born on Long Iceland Michael Kors convinced of clothing and accessories for creative designs, appreciate even celebrities like the American First Lady Michelle Obama and pop star Jennifer Lopez. More than any other designer Michael Kors is doing for the modern American city style coined paired simple elegance with original ideas. The range extends from the elegant black gown for the big show at evening events on the stylish business outfit until snazzy Jumpsuit for summer day outdoors. These holds Michael Kors also matching shoes ready – and of course the right handbag.

Handbags Michael Kors: Must-haves for every woman

In addition to the variety of garments and a wide range of accessories is available from Michael Kors, which are tuned to perfectly – including, for example, fashionable sunglasses, lightweight scarves and handbags. Especially with last Michael Kors has already conquered the world. The spectrum ranges from timelessly classic, black handbags quilted leather as an accompaniment for noble eveningwear to casual bag bags fabric for the stroll. Plenty of space offer trendy shopper, alternatively, choose a stylish handbag in trendy pastel colors such as light blue, light pink or white.

Michael Kors: Trend fashion from New York

The American Michael Kors looks back on a long and successful career: In 1981 he founded his own fashion label and was designed alongside his fashion studies the first collections, which he sold in the New York Edelboutique Lothar’s. In the 90s, he made his name as chief designer of the French luxury brand Céline, before he made the headlines under his own name with innovative fashion of himself. Today Michael Kors is the favorite of trendsetters in US cities such as New York and Washington, as well as worldwide. His collections are carried from Tokyo to Toronto, from Istanbul to Singapore and also in major European cities. In Germany, the label is partly due to the precious Düsseldorf mile Königsallee, represented.

Anyone who chooses clothes from Michael Kors, relies on the unique style of a designer who has made in a few years a rapid rise in the international fashion world. It is clothes of character that stands out from the monotony, but without being shrill. The elegance remains committed to the collection. But for the designer label does not waive incursions and Kreativität.Schon with young 22 years, even before the design studies, Michael Kors decided to call its own brand to life. And this with a lot of success, because the young designer focused its first collections, first on the classic sportswear American style. So he laid the foundation of his success and has gradually become one of the most prestigious fashion designers of all time. Today is no longer just clothing for men and women in the foreground, but also shoes and accessories such as watches, bags and sunglasses.

First-class materials and the classical sections of lines of MICHAEL KORS made the designer to what it is today. In the manufacture of bags or shoes the fashion designer uses mainly due to genuine leather. In this way, exquisite and outstanding pieces. The simple elegance of these lines can be combined very well. Whether for leisure, for your next party or for the office, the fashion items and accessories by MICHAEL KORS fit for any occasion.
Brilliant performances guaranteed

MICHAEL KORS brings life into every single designer piece. The also know many celebrities appreciate, and love to dress by the American fashion designer. Worldwide operates Kors hundreds of stores and offers its collections there. His superb line he always remains faithful.

Watches by Michael Cors

The smart New York designer Michael Kors is with its design for relaxed American chic. With its Michael Kors watch collection it sets new standards and experimenting with innovative materials – at an affordable price. The dominant color themes of Michael Kors watches are rose gold and gold with a touch of glitter. Gold because it is timeless and continues to constitute the ultimate symbol of luxury. Rose gold because it flatters by his gentle tone of skin color. Even if you are passionate about the trendy watch and jewelery collections of Michael Kors, then you are right with CHRIST.Die magnificent watches with its modern details, the sparkling stones and the sporty chronographs are again Jetset pur! Pick your personal Michael Kors models from or make someone happy.

Responsibility by Michel Cors

Not only glamorous, but also social responsibility is very important. The Michael Kors brand is known not only for fashionable creations, but also of social responsibility. For years, the designer and his team against hunger in the world are using, supporting organizations such as “God’s Love We Deliver” and is a partner of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). So went example in 2013. Part of the proceeds from the limited collection of watches 100 Series to the organization of the WFP. This action, known as the “Watch Hunger Stop”, made it possible to serve more than 20 million children in poor countries of South America, Africa and Asia, meals at school – and every year. Pro watch sold this series so 100 children in need receive a rich meal from WFP. The designer is assisted by Hollywood actress Halle Berry.